Our goal was to understand the mechanisms underlying vulnerability and resilience to stress-related psychiatric disorders, and to identify targets for treatment of such disorders. Our research, which ranges from molecular biology and cell biology to human psychopathology, focused on the effects of glucocorticoid hormones. Read more in the research section.


The importance of stress

How stress affects our brain

Most of us claim to be “stressed out” every once in a while. We think of stress as a rather vague concept, no doctor would dream of diagnosing someone as “stressed”. But stress is anything but vague, says geneticist Nicole Datson, it is a clearly defined and very useful biological process. At Leiden University she studies how stress affects genes in our brain.
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Fast Facts: The importance of stress

Onno Meijer receives Pharmacology Award from the Dutch Pharmacological Society
Onno Meijer.jpg

Dr. Onno Meijer from the Division of Medical Pharmacology has been awarded the NVF-prijs voor Farmacologie (formerly known as the Organonprijs voor Farmacologie) by the Dutch Pharmacological Society. This award is granted every two years not only as recognition for excellent performances but also as motivation for further pharmacological research.

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Prof E.L. Noach award for former student Gido Gravesteijn
2011 Gido Gravesteijn received the Prof. Noach award for best Bachelor thesis for his internship at Medical Pharmacology 09.JPG

On top of the Prof Tammeling Prize that Onno (left on the photo) received for best teacher of the LUMC 1 day earlier, our former student Gido Gravesteijn (right on the photo) received the Prof Noach award for best Bachelor thesis for his internship at Medical Pharmacology, supervised by Annelies Polman and Nicole Datson.

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Prof G.J. Tammeling Teaching Prize for Dr O.C. Meijer
2011 Onderwijsprijs uitgereikt op 8-mei-2011 aan Onno Meijer voor cursus HANS 2010.jpeg

Dr Onno Meijer (LACDR Division of Medical Pharmacology) is the 2011 recipient of the prof G.J. Tammeling prize for Best Teacher at the Leiden University Medical Center. This annual prize is awarded for outstanding teaching in either curriculum of the Medical Faculty,  Biomedical Sciences or Medicine.

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