Onno Meijer receives Pharmacology Award from the Dutch Pharmacological Society

Onno Meijer.jpg

Dr. Onno Meijer from the Division of Medical Pharmacology has been awarded the NVF-prijs voor Farmacologie (formerly known as the Organonprijs voor Farmacologie) by the Dutch Pharmacological Society. This award is granted every two years not only as recognition for excellent performances but also as motivation for further pharmacological research.

The prize of € 2.500 is awarded at the recommendation of a jury, being Prof. Dr. Herman Meurs, Prof. Dr. Rob Leurs, Prof. Dr. Harold Schmidt, and Prof. Dr. Jan Danser. It will be awarded on Monday, October 3rd, during the FIGON Dutch Medicine Days in congresscentre de Werelt in Lunteren.

Dr. Meijer will also give a presentation on his research, titled: A brain glucocorticoid receptor isn't just any other glucocorticoid receptor.