Prof G.J. Tammeling Teaching Prize for Dr O.C. Meijer

2011 Onderwijsprijs uitgereikt op 8-mei-2011 aan Onno Meijer voor cursus HANS 2010.jpeg

Dr Onno Meijer (LACDR Division of Medical Pharmacology) is the 2011 recipient of the prof G.J. Tammeling prize for Best Teacher at the Leiden University Medical Center. This annual prize is awarded for outstanding teaching in either curriculum of the Medical Faculty,  Biomedical Sciences or Medicine. Meijer's main activities are in the block Hormones and the Nervous System for Biomedical Science , which he coordinates, and in the block Pharmacology for the Medical curriculum. 

The prize was handed out by the daughter of the late professor Tammeling on Wednesday June 8th, in a marvelous show around the theme 'A Night at the Oscars'. In a short address, Meijer stressed the interdisciplinary and translational research environment of the division of Medical Pharmacology as an important inspiration for his enthusiasm in teaching.