Ron de Kloet, Prof. Dr.

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  • Professor

Telephone number
+31 (0)71 527 6210
E-mail address
Faculty of Science, Leiden/Amsterdam Center for Drug Research, Medical Pharmacology
Office address
Gorlaeus Laboratories
Einsteinweg 55
2333 CC Leiden
roomnumber HB-902


My inspiration

‘Stress is the spice of life’ said Hans Selye the father of the stress concept more than half a century ago. And he is right of course: studying the biology of stress touches all aspects of life from health and happiness to disease and misery. The key to the understanding of stress biology is the stress hormone. I want to find out how such hormones can change from protective into harmful signals. What is the cause and what are the consequences? Today such questions are addressed with gene technology to identify vulnerable phenotypes and with in depth analysis of brain functioning under stress to understand why one individual stays healthy and the other gets ill under similar adverse conditions.

Titles of major publications:

* (2004) Van Praag HM, De Kloet ER, van Os J., Stress, the Brain and Depression,  Cambridge University Press.

* (2001) Oitzl MS, Reichardt HM, Joëls M, De Kloet ER, "Point mutation in the mouse glucocorticoid receptor preventing DNA binding impairs spatial memory", Proc Natl Acad Sci 98; 12790-12795.

* (1999) De Kloet ER, Oitzl MS, Joëls M, "Stress and cognition: are corticosteroids good or bad guys?" Trends in Neuroscience: 22; 422-426.

* (1989) Joëls M, De Kloet ER, "Effects of glucocorticoids and norepinephrine on excitability in the hippocampus", Science: 245; 1502-1505.