Chantal Hubens, Drs.

  • Ph.D. student

E-mail address
Faculty of Science, Leiden/Amsterdam Center for Drug Research, Medical Pharmacology
Office address
Gorlaeus Laboratories
Einsteinweg 55
2333 CC Leiden


From September 2000 till August 2006 I studied Bio-Pharmaceutical Sciences at Leiden University. After my first internship at Medical Pharmacology, I went to the Neuroscience/Pharmacology department of Abbott, Germany for a second internship. Due to the supervision there, I decided I absolutely would like to do a PhD in Neurosciences. After graduation I spent quite some time looking for the perfect PhD position, which I have now found in a cooperation between SEIN and the LACDR. In between I have supervised student during several practical courses at the Gorlaeus and was a Clinical Trial Assistant at ICON Clinical Research.
Project Title: Functional Consequences of overexpression of Doublecortin Like Kinase gene products in the mouse hippocampus: Implications for development of epilepsy.

Promotor: Prof. Dr. M. Danhof

Dr. E. Vreugdenhil and Dr. R. Voskuyl