Effects of maternal deprivation of CD1 mice on performance in the water maze and swim stress

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Journal Article


Behav Brain Res, Volume 187, Number 1, p.195-199 (2008)


0166-4328 (Print)0166-43

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Animals; Corticosterone/blood; Female; Male; *Maternal Deprivation; Maze Learning/*physiology; Mice; Psychomotor Performance/*physiology; Reinforcement Schedule; Stress; Psychological/blood/*psychology; Swimming/*psychology


Rat pups subjected to a single 24h maternal deprivation show altered stress responsiveness and cognitive performance in the water maze in adulthood. Here we show in 6-month-old male CD1 mice (deprived 24h at postnatal day 8) an initial impairment in reversal learning: relocating the platform revealed perseverance in search for the former location. Spatial learning, long-term memory and swim-induced corticosterone responses were not affected. We conclude that reduced flexibility is a subtle long-lasting behavioural change induced by maternal deprivation.