Glucocorticoid and mineralocorticoid receptor gene variants are associated with ACTH, cortisol and cardiovascular responses to psychosocial stress

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Journal Article


Int J Psychology, Volume 43, Number 3-4, p.S063, 195-195 (2008)



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ACTH; cortisol; GENE; glucocorticoid; mineralocorticoid; mineralocorticoid receptor; MINERALOCORTICOID-RECEPTOR; Netherlands; psychology; RECEPTOR; RECEPTOR GENE; RESPONSES; Stress; Time


Objectives: A chronic hypothalamus-pituitary-adrenal axis (HPAA) dysregulation is associated with several stress-related pathologies. Methods: We investigated if polymorphisms of corticosteroid receptor (MR and GR) genes modulate HPAA activity. Results: In males, MR180V carriers showed enhanced cortisol and cardiovascular responses to psychosocial stress. In a sample of males and females four GR gene polymorphisms were assessed (ER22/23EK, N363S, BclI, 9beta). We found significant associations between GR genotype and HPA axis stress responses and with ACTH levels after dexamethasone administration. Furthermore, sex by genotype interactions were observed. Conclusions: Our data suggest a sex specific impact of corticosteroid receptor polymorphisms on endocrine stress responses.