Expression Profiling of Stress Responsive Gene Patterns

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Book Chapter


Encyclopedia of Stress, Elsevier / Academic Press, Volume 2nd, New York, p.986-991 (2007)



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Brain; Development; EXPRESSION; expression profiling; Follow-Up Studies; GENE; Gene Expression; Gene Expression Profiling; GENE-EXPRESSION; Genes; glucocorticoid; Glucocorticoids; HORMONE; Hormones; mechanism; MECHANISMS; methods; MODEL; MOLECULAR MECHANI


Stress hormones modulate many aspects of brain functioning in a genomic fashion. In order to understand the molecular mechanisms that underlie these stress hormone-mediated effects, profiling stress-responsive gene patterns can be useful to generate new functional hypotheses. Different biological models in combination with different gene expression profiling methods have been used and have showed that many cellular signaling pathways are affected by glucocorticoids. Currently, the focus is shifting toward testing potentially interesting candidate genes in functional follow-up studies. Additionally, since the currently used expression profiling methodology has several limitations, technical refinement is necessary and under development