Swim posture of mice does not affect performance in the water maze

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Journal Article


Brain Res, Volume 1003, Number 1-2, p.36-41 (2004)


0006-8993 (Print)0006-89

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Aging/*physiology; Animals; Apolipoproteins E/deficiency/genetics; Female; Maze Learning/*physiology; Mice; Mice; Inbred C57BL; Mice; Knockout; Posture/*physiology; Swimming/*physiology


We quantified swim postures of mice in relation to their cognitive performance. After training in a water maze, young (5-6 months) and aged (14-16 months) female apolipoprotein E-knockout (apoE0/0) mice and wild type controls were video taped while swimming. Subsequently, angles of body points with the water surface were calculated. Mice with a more horizontal swim posture (young and aged apoE0/0, aged wild type mice) also showed an increased body weight. However, swim posture was not related to cognitive performance.