Molecular-genetic analysis of familial early-onset Alzheimers-disease linked to chromosome 14Q24.3

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Journal Article


Human Molecular Genetics, Volume 4, Number 12, p.2363-2371 (1995)



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Genetic linkage studies have indicated that chromosome 14q24.3 harbours a major locus for early-onset (onset age <65 years) Alzheimer's disease (AD3). Positional cloning efforts have identified a novel gene S182 or presenilin 1 as the AD3 gene, We have mapped S182 in the AD3 candidate region between D14S277 and D14S284 defined by genetic linkage studies in the two chromosome 14 linked, early-onset AD families AD/A and AD/B, We have shown that S182 is expressed in lymphoblasts and have determined the complete cDNA in both brain and lymphoblasts by RT-PCR sequencing, S182 is alternatively spliced in both brain and lymphoblasts within a putative phosphorylation site located 5' in the coding region. We identified two novel mutations, Ile143Thr and Gly384Ala located in, respectively, the second transmembrane domain and in the sixth hydrophilic loop of the putative transmembrane structure of S182. As families AD/A and AD/B have a very similar AD phenotype our observation of two mutations in functionally different domains suggest that onset age and severity of AD may not be very helpful predictors of the location of putative S182 mutations.