A locked, non-rotating, completely embedded, moveable electrode for chronic brain stimulation studies in freely moving, fighting rats

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Journal Article


Physiol Behav, Volume 31, Number 2, p.259-263 (1983)

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Aggression; Animal; Animals; Brain; BRAIN-STIMULATION; Electrodes; Implanted; Human; Hypothalamic; physiology; RAT; Rats; stimulation; veterinary


A light-weight, yet rugged moveable electrode assembly is described for chronic brain stimulation studies in small-brained animals. The assembly can be completely embedded in a smooth, unobtrusive dental cement cap and is therefore suitable for use in fighting experiments, where collisions with partners and cage walls will limit the use of other assemblies. It permits a variable electrode distance penetration of 3 mm in 75 mu-steps by using a separate unlocking turning-key. This design excludes the possibility of inadvertent displacement of the electrode tips by the animal itself. Since the electrode itself does not rotate during displacement, extra damage arising from possible eccentricity is avoided. The assembly has been used in a number of hypothalamic penetrations, demonstrating its usefulness and reliability