Electrical stimulation as a tool to trace physiological properties of the hypothalamic network in aggression

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Book Chapter


The Biology of Aggression, Sijthof & Noordhoff International Publishers B.V. and Rockville, Maryland, USA, Volume NATO Advan, Alphen aan de Rijn, The Netherlands, p.383-395 (1981)




Aggression; Animal; behaviour; electrical stimulation; ELECTRICAL-STIMULATION; Hypothalamic; Hypothalamus; Network; Neurons; RAT; RESPONSES; stimulation; SYSTEM


The aggressive responses during electrical stimulation in the hypothalamus may or may not derive from activation of a neural system especially subservient to aggression, for we do not know which neuronal elements mediate such effects. In order to identify these neurons one can try to define their location and to trace their anatomical connections. In addition it appears possible to estimate the physiological properties of the network involved, by threshold-intensity measurements at different preset parameters of the stimulating current. Such measurements may then provide a basis for comparison of the networks involved in stimulation-induced aggression and the networks involved in concomitant behavioral responses.